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Fresh, Local, & Sustainable


Help us expand and grow by taking a look at our 'Grow Local - Buy Local' pilot boxes below!

Salad Box



10 EUR (Inc. 3% tax)

I contain a variety of 5 freshly harvested greens and veggies: Guaranteed of 3 mixed lettuce heads, some herb bundles, and a surprise vegetable/fruit/herb of the week!

Current Lettuce Favorites:

1. Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

Lactuca Sativa v. Feuille de Chene Rouge

2. Rosé Butterhead Lettuce

Lactuca Sativa v. Merveille de Quatre Saisons

3. Baby Friseé

Chicorium Endivia v. Crispum

Current Herb Favorites:

1. Chocolate Mint

Mentha x Piperita v. Chocolate

2. Opal Basil

Ociumum Basilicum v. Dark Opal

Trout Box

Forellen Kescht White.jpg


15 EUR (Inc. 3% tax)

I contain 2 freshly caught & cleaned aquaponically raised rainbow trout ca. 400 g ea. & some matching herbs for a quick and easy dinner for 2.


- 2 x 300-450 g aquaponically-raised Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

- 1 x Dill bundle

- 1 x Rosemary bundle

- 1 x Opal Basil bundle


1. These fish are fresh caught & must be cooked and consumed within 1-2 days!


2. FH recipes are available under the neighbor tab, or in our Blog!

3. Can freeze to keep fresh for later!


Aquaponic Systems


   Coming SooN!   

Small-scale At-Home system

Our at-home systems are perfect for someone who wants the convenience of sustainable & local food production, as well as the zen-like feeling that owning & taking care of your very own fish will bring.


These systems are tunable to each customer! Contact us to find out more.



Vertical-Stacked Container Systems

Our vertical-stacked container systems are perfect for hyper-local production for either restaurants, private owners, or green-conscious communities.


40-foot container Requires 3m x 12m

Production capacity of:

~50-100 lettuces/week

~50 kg of fish/season


You want to support us in another way? You can always buy some of our merch!

Coming Soon!

Aquaponic Systems
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