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Welcome to

Open hours

Under construction

Season opening: all year

Visit us during open hours to get a tour of the farm or to buy fresh and local produce from our farm shop.

L- 9550 Wolz


This farm is a prototype of the future lettuce production. Through the capture of indstrial CO2 and heat, our production facility contributes to active carbon capture. Our roboters, that are developped in cooperation with the Luxembourg Instiution of Science and Technoloy, increase efficiency by havesting the crops.


Local Produce

  • Lettuce

1000 m2

is the size of Horizon Farms Wolz


is the construction year of our Horizon Farms Wolz

400 m3

of water is constantly circulating through out our systems.


produce our solar pannels to cover our energy needs.

20 tonnes

of CO2 is our green house absorbing each year.

5 000

lettuces are we producing every week.

Fresh from the Farm

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