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Transforming Agriculture


Experience Fresh, Innovative, and Responsible Farming with Fesch Haff.

Our Values, Your Impact

Horizon Farms Greiveldange is located in the Moselle Region in Luxembourg


Our farms produce and sell fresh and healthy food within a 10km radius. Truly from farm to fork.

Water at Fësch Haff


Our ecosystem-based farms are net zero and circular by design. No nitrate runoffs, no antibiotics, no pesticides. Just fresh food.

Horizon Farms Greiveldange


As a team of researchers and engenieers our farms are designed with state-of-the-art technology that are energy and resource efficent.

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This is how we do it!

De Prinzip vun der Aquaponie GUDD_Pfeile_edited.jpg


Fish live in clean water & produce waste.

Clean Water

The clean water is then returned to the fish. A fully closed loop.


Waste from fish is transformed into nutrients by bacteria and microorganisms.


Plants live in a soilless medium and clean the water by uptaking nutrients.

design by GUDD! and Maison du Monde

The cycle of aquaponics creates a symbiotic relationship between the fish and plants. The fish waste provides nutrients for the plants, while the plants filter and purify the water, creating a sustainable and resource-efficient farming system.


This closed-loop cycle

- minimizes water usage,

- reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers, 

- promotes a natural balance in the ecosystem.


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