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Fresh, Local, and Sustainable Produce.

All Year Round!

Aquaponics - Agriculture of tomorrow, today

Did you know that only 3% of all agricultural goods and 1% of all the fish consumed in Luxembourg is actually produced here? Furthermore, Luxembourg has one of the highest per-capita fish consumption in all of Europe!

In order to help Luxembourg achieve its goal of becoming a truly green, sustainable, and circular country, Fësch Haff has come up with the solution!

At Fësch Haff, we develop and implement aquaponic farms. These are local hydroponic farms that can produce greens, lettuces, herbs, fruits, and vegetables utilizing nutrients produced from fish farms in a closed-loop and sustainable ecosystem. 


Our aquaponic farms are able to produce both the agricultural goods and fish that you, our neighbors, already want, but locally, sustainably, and all year long! Our farms are designed to specification in either, maximum-space-efficient vertically stacked indoor farms, or large-scale maximum-energy-efficient greenhouses.

Fësch Haff's controlling and monitoring technology allows for year-round plant and fish production with minimal water consumption maximizes renewable energy use and produces the healthiest and freshest produce around.


Unlike traditional farms or mass-production international production facilities, our systems rely on the delicate ecosystems and balance of both our fish and our greens. Therefore, neither pesticides for plants nor antibiotics for fish are used. This makes sure that you get the cleanest, and most organic, produce possible.

Currently, we are still in our Proof of Concept and Prototype phases, so we would appreciate your support to bring our vision to light.

FH Aquaponics

Our Values




We produce our food in the Mosel-Region. Mondays, we deliver freshly-harvested producte on our Meechtem-Greiveldange route.




Our ecosystem-based systems are fully circular and our produce is sustainably-fished & grown. No nitrate runoffs, no antibiotics, no pesticides.

Water recaptured & recycled. 




Thanks to our closed-loop technology, we function independently of weather & seasons. We can then grow and harvest produce all year round.


#Renewable energy

Our recycled solar-cell fields let us cover a large portion of the electrical consumption of our indoor vertically-stacked farms for an even more sustainable future

Our Values
Our Roots

Our Roots


From humble beginnings to great aspirations, every company has to start somewhere. We originally had a dream to bring a more sustainable lobster to Luxembourg, a country which we knew had both an appetite for the delicious fish, but also for sustainable, local, and fresh produce. From there, we have grown and developed different technologies that everyone can take a part in. From tropical fruits and vegetables to herbs, spices, greens, from lobster, to trout, to decorative goldfish. The future is right around the corner and we are proud to be a part of it.


Our Present - R.I.T.A

Research & Innovation in Technology for Aquaponics

An RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) project, co-financed by Luxembourg's Ministry of Economy. RITA's entire purpose is the multi-year research on innovative technologies and techniques to develop sustainable aquaponic and hydroponic food-production systems for Luxembourg's local food security and circular economy. From novel fruits, vegetables, and fish, to renewable energy integration, partnerships with other industries, and zero-impact farms, we are innovating in the food production future of tomorrow


Our Future

Horizon Farms.png
Our Futue
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